Simple Barndominium House Plans  - Pictures, What to Consider, and Much More

Simple Barndominium House Plans - Pictures, What to Consider, and Much More

In a world filled with constant noise and clutter, simple beauty resonates deeply with many homeowners. Picture walking into a cozy home, a place where you can breathe easy, free of unnecessary clutter. Many would-be homeowners aren't even considering guest bedrooms anymore and prefer having updated appliances over anything else.

That said, simple traditional homes can still be very pricey, which is why a lot of people are looking for alternative housing options. This is where barndominiums enter the picture. These versatile structures can cater to both those interested in expansive living spaces and those craving a more understated dwelling.

With their appeal rooted in their barn-like charm without breaking the bank, barndominiums offer a refreshing alternative to traditional homes.

If you're in search of a simpler way of living, look no further. Here's our collection of simple barndominium house plans that are sure to inspire. It's time to take advantage of these impressive homes' flawless blend of comfort, functionality, and affordability. 

Let's jump right in! 

Simple Barndominium Floor Plans - Things to Consider

The essence of a simple home lies in its thoughtful simplicity. It pays to understand the essential elements of a simple home, combined with the unique factors of a barndominium.

The result? A perfect balance of form and function, where every square foot is maximized for comfort and efficiency. We have gathered some key points to consider when browsing simple barndominium house plans:

  • Efficient Layout: It's essential to design the layout to maximize usable space while minimizing wasted areas.
  • Cost-Effective Design: Embrace an economical design approach by prioritizing essential features and materials without compromising quality. Durable, low-maintenance materials and energy-efficient fixtures can significantly reduce long-term expenses.
  • Personalization: Customize the floor plan to match your lifestyle and preferences. Whether it's adding a workshop space or hobby room, tailoring the design can make sure your home reflects your needs and personality.
  • Multipurpose Rooms: Create versatile spaces that can adapt to various functions, such as a guest room that could double as a home office or a playroom that converts into a gym.
  • Future Expansion: Plan for future growth by designing a flexible floor plan that accommodates potential expansions or modifications. Room scalability and infrastructure readiness are critical considerations for adapting to changing needs over time.
  • Lifestyle: Your daily routines and activities will shape your choice of floor plan. Consider factors such as family size, home workouts, and the need for attached shops when selecting the ideal layout.
  • Land Considerations: Maximize your land's potential by considering the stunning views your property offers, sunrise and sunset, and topography when designing your floor plan.
  • Seamless Flow: Visualize yourself moving through the home and plan around it. See to it that there are convenient paths from the garage to the living room, and that there's easy access to high-traffic areas like laundry rooms and kitchens.
  • Closets and Storage: Adequate storage space is important for keeping track of belongings. Depending on your storage needs, consider adding extra closet space or storage areas to keep your home organized.

With these factors, you can find the barndominium floor plan that fits you just right, and a practical and personalized barndo lifestyle will become as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Simple Barndominium Floor Plans with Pictures - Get Inspired with These Floor Plan Ideas

Our simple barndominium floor plans are where functionality meets flair and affordability meets aesthetics. With a bunch of floor plan ideas accompanied by pictures to give you a clear look at each home, you're about to fall in love with the idea of barndominium living!

Barndominium Floor Plan with Two-Car Garage

Introducing the PL-60202 Catalina Barndominium House Plan. Simplicity meets functionality in this 1,200-heated square feet home with open-concept living space. Featuring one bedroom and one bathroom, this is the ideal starter home for someone who wants something easy to maintain but still looks really good.

What's special about this single-story home is its own sewing room for pursuing crafts and hobbies, along with a spacious two-car garage. With this home, you can experience the warmth of a cozy home without sacrificing space, designed to cater to your lifestyle needs.

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Barndominium Floor Plan with Two Bedrooms

Meet the PL-3204 Atticus Barndominium House Plan, a charming abode spanning 1,253 heated square feet. With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, this single-story layout offers an open-concept design ideal for entertaining.

The master bedroom provides a private retreat, complete with a luxurious ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet, while the secondary bedroom offers versatility for your family's needs.

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Barndominium Floor Plan with Lean-To Porch

You'll love the PL-62003 Duke Barndominium House Plan. This home features 1,500 heated square feet of inviting living space. Boasting three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this single-story layout welcomes you with an inviting lean-to porch leading into a spacious open-concept living area.

Enjoy the convenience of a well-appointed kitchen, a cozy master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, and two secondary bedrooms sharing a thoughtful bathroom layout.

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Barndominium Floor Plan with Carport

Here's the LP-3205 Starnes Barndominium House Plan, where compact living and functionality come together in 1,380 heated square feet of living space. This single-story layout features a generous carport, sheltering your vehicle while seamlessly blending with your outdoor space.

With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this home maximizes space. Come home to the simplicity and convenience of open-concept living tailored to your everyday needs.

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Barndominium Floor Plan with Loft

Step into the PL-2806 Bilbrey Barndominium House Plan. This is the most spacious retreat in this collection, spanning 2,317 heated square feet. Boasting four bedrooms and two bathrooms, this two-story layout offers an open-concept design, ideally suited to modern living.

From the inviting master suite to the versatile loft space, enjoy the comfort and practicality of this expertly designed home, complete with front and back porches for outdoor enjoyment.



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Can Barndominium Floor Plans be Modified?

Yes, absolutely! One of the best things about our budget-friendly barndominium floor plans is their flexibility. Our plans can easily be adjusted to fit your vision - no matter how big or how small.

The sky's the limit! With us, your barndominium can be customized the way you want it for just a small fee. Contact our skilled design team to start your custom project.

Let's start building your dream home. Get rid of design worries and create your ideal space, your way.

Design Your Own Barndominium Floor Plans

Looking for a more hands-on way to design your home? That's right, we've also got the answer. Our free barndominium design software takes the stress out of planning. Create a space that reflects your unique style and preferences with precision and ease.

Feeling daunted by the thought of starting from scratch? Fear not! Our "Barndominiums Made Easy" program has you covered. With over 40 pre-designed house plans ready to order, there's a perfect fit for every family.

Regardless of which option you choose, we're here to guide you every step of the way through your home-building project.

The Bottom Line

These simple barndominium house plans provide a refreshing approach to modern living. With their practical layouts and thoughtful designs, these homes serve as a canvas for creating your ideal living space.

Whether you're seeking a compact retreat or a versatile family home, our collection of barndominium plans has something for everyone. With by your side, you'll have access to our expertise to build it right.

It's time to build the home of your dreams. Embrace the simplicity and charm of barndominium living.

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