Our Story

BarndominiumPlans.com was born in July 2016 when a builder outside Houston, TX decided to open up his firm to the idea of designing and building barndominiums. Over the course of a few short years, BarndominiumPlans.com has grown to be one of the top providers of barndominium house plans in the United States.

In early 2022, BarndominiumPlans.com was relaunched to better serve today's consumer. We are 100% focused on helping consumers and builders alike find their dream barndominium plan and start their building journey. 

The hardest part of building a barndominium (or doing anything, really) is getting started. From what we've seen, the plans come first in the process. Without plans, you can't get a price and materials estimate from a builder. Without plans, you can't get a lender to commit since they won't know what you're trying to do. Without plans, you can't get clearance from your city or county. In summary, if you're looking to get started building a barndominium, you're in the right place. Don't just talk about your barndominium, take action!

Lead Designer

Christy - Christy is the lead designer at BarndominiumLife.com and BarndominiumPlans.com, based in Northern Alabama. She loves designing spaces that are both cool and functional. With a degree in Architecture and Interior Design, she knows how to make old-fashioned charm mix with modern style.

Christy is famous for going above and beyond what people expect. She listens carefully to her clients and makes sure their unique tastes and ideas shine through in her designs. She’s a team player who believes that working together and sharing ideas creates the best results.

When she’s not working, Christy enjoys exploring the beautiful landscapes of Northern Alabama. She loves being inspired by the local art and culture scene. It’s important to her to stay connected to her roots and bring that authentic feeling into her designs.

With her dedication and talent, Christy Usleton is a superstar in the world of design. Her creations not only look amazing but also make people’s lives better.

Mike – Mike runs operations here at Barndominium Life and BarndominiumPlans.com. In his day to day, you’ll find him talking to builders, house plan designers, and other service providers. In addition, he works with members of the barndominium community to help drive awareness of the burgeoning barndominium industry. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.