What's Included

After ordering, your house plans will be IMMEDIATELY available via PDF. We will send you an email with a download link, and they'll be ready!

If you'd like to get your plans printed + shipped to your home, please select that option on the product page. 

Here's what's included in our plans:

4 Elevations – Front, Back, Both Sides
Detailed Floor Plan Drawing
Electrical Plans with placements for HVAC
Flooring Plan with Room Finish Schedule and Opening Schedule
Ceiling Joists with Framing Schedule
Rafters with Roof Plan
Foundation Plan

Please Note: We work with many different draftspeople who work in many different way.  It should be noted that their plans may contain different details. 

Barndominium Plans Example: 

Below are examples of sheets that may be included in plan sets - please be aware that not every plan includes every one of these pages:

Front Elevation

Back Elevation

Left Elevation

Right Elevation

Detailed Floor Plan

Electrical Plan

Plumbing Plan

Roof Plan


Foundation Plan

Flooring Plan

Ceiling Joist


 What's Not Typically Included In Our Plans

The following items are usually not included with our barndominium plans. Our plans contain all the information that a builder needs to construct your home, but some of the items below may be required by your city or county government. Before purchasing barndominium plans, we recommend being in touch with your builder, a local structural engineer (if needed), and city/county government officials to ensure that your barndominium adheres to your local building codes.

The Following Items You May Need to Acquire Additionally

  • Architecture or Structural Engineering Stamp
    Depending on your local government's requirements, barndominium plans may need to be reviewed by an architect or a structural engineer. That said, since barndominiums are typically built in rural areas, this isn't always needed.
  • Site Plan
    The site plan shows how the barndominium will be placed on your lot and takes into account the building lines and the setback. Since we are not civil engineers and do not have an aerial view of your lot, this is not something we provide
  • HVAC Drawings
    Since these drawings are highly technical and show information about heating, ventilation, and AC, this is something that is best handled at a local level. Almost all HVAC companies can provide mechanical drawings
  • Energy Calculations
    One of the best part about barndominium living is their energy efficiency! That said, a local engineer is best suited to provide these calculations.